Delay in surgery

Read all the wonderful comments. Surgery was rescheduled till thurs. due to medication supply issues with the vet.  Very hard but regrouping. Will give an update Thursday on the surgery. I can tell just from reading the comments and discussions on here that animal lovers are the most compassionate of all people 🌎

Night before surgery.

imageIt’s almost here.

Surgery in 12 hours.

Misty is ultra calm right now. She has restful periods like this often.

Not the same scene this morning. We were outside with little bro Sparky and boy kitty Tybo when Misty wondered off a little ways. Well she doesn’t move too fast so wasn’t worried until she started climbing up the hill. Told her no but she got a scent and off she went.

Well had to carry her back cause her hip was hurting so bad after that.  So. I know she will be back on the go soon.

I’ve been reading posts here trying to calm my nerves. Lots of inspiring stories and helpful info.

We can do this.

That ole painful hip will be history tomorrow.


Misty’s Journey

Hi, Ny name is Angie

I came onto this site because I wanted to connect with people who are going thru or have gone thru a similar situation.

Misty is a 11 year old mid sized mixed terrier. She’s always been the daughter we never had as my 3 sons would tease. Her nickname is Princess. She’s always been  sweet, smart, well behaved dog. Which was one reason I was so mad when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. She doesn’t deserve this , what a cruel fate.

The other thing was I am so angry with cancer because I fought and beat it twice. Now it wants to take away my dog.

I stayed in that mind frame for a couple weeks.

She is not a candidate for conventional treatment because of age and the advanced state of the cancer. So with a heavy heart we decided to put her to sleep. She’s in pain and there’s no hope.

In my mind we were gonna do it the following Mon. But, That didn’t happen. Then it was Thursday and so on.

The problem was despite the pain she was happy and still plugged into life. Still enjoying it.

Well what I did was start talking to people who have had experience with amputee surgery, dog cancer, and such. Also researched into holistic treatment. Talked to my vet and took her to an orthopedic specialist.

I finally decided despite her age and health diagnosis she is not ready to give up yet. I started her on Tumeric paste and noticed a difference right off which gave me hope.  We decided to take the plunge for the surgery followed by holistic treatment along with whatever conventional meds are needed.

She was givin 3 months or maybe longer up to a year they said. Both vets advised to amputate for pain relief.

So I’m going to make her last 3 months or up to a year as comfortable and happy as possible for as long as she remains willing. When it’s her time she will let me know and/or slip away peacefully on her own. The latter being my hope.

Monday is surgery day. I’m looking forward to the cause of her pain to be gone and at the same time nervous about the procedure and recovery.

I am trying to learn as much as I can but realize no matter how much I try to get prepared I will have a lot to still learn.

I’m just so thankful for the Internet and all those willing to help and support. I consider it a privilege to start a blog and tell our story   Misty’s and mine.

I will be praying hard for her on Monday !!