Night before surgery.

imageIt’s almost here.

Surgery in 12 hours.

Misty is ultra calm right now. She has restful periods like this often.

Not the same scene this morning. We were outside with little bro Sparky and boy kitty Tybo when Misty wondered off a little ways. Well she doesn’t move too fast so wasn’t worried until she started climbing up the hill. Told her no but she got a scent and off she went.

Well had to carry her back cause her hip was hurting so bad after that.  So. I know she will be back on the go soon.

I’ve been reading posts here trying to calm my nerves. Lots of inspiring stories and helpful info.

We can do this.

That ole painful hip will be history tomorrow.


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I am a pharmacy tech. My human kids have left the nest but I have 4 furry kids - 2 dogs and 2 cats. We live in a rural area in California. I've had animals my whole life. Mostly dogs and cats but also birds and fish.

3 thoughts on “Night before surgery.”


    You are not alone, okay? We are right here by your side and know all to well the intensity of this part of the journey. The vet will give you instructions but there’s nothing like connecting with people who’ve had first hand experience.

    I love that Misty decided to take off on her “run”. It’s like she wanted to co firm to you, “Yeah mom, this leg has got to go!”

    Recovery is no picnic for a good couple of weeks. Some dogs recovery faster than others. My Happy Hannah took about three weeks before I really started seeing her sparkle come back. I can tell you without question…best decision ever!!

    Update us when she’s out of surgery. Try and get some rest as you may have a few sleepless nights when she first comes home.

    I’m having some computer connection issues so I’ll come back later and offer some hints you may find helpful. Oh, and I did read your first blog!!! What a “love story”! Again, I’ll write more later!

    Misty is a BEAUTIFUL dog!

    Hugs to you and all your pack!!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    PS. Stock up on CHOCOLATE…it helps soothe the nerves!!

  2. Awwww . . . bless her heart. Yeah, she’ll be right back at it in no time. And you’re going to be an awesome pawrent! While she’s away, make sure to get plenty of rest and still your mind because once she gets home you may not have time to rest. And when you do, you may find it difficult because you’ll be worrying. So first, take care of yourself so you can give her top-notch care.

  3. Two weeks ago I was right where you are. Now looking back I can see how far we’ve come. It’s not easy the first few days but each day brings progress. You can do this. You are an awesome pawrent and Misty will be just fine. The people here are the best resources ever I used them over and over! Good luck!

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